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05/16/17 Female roommate needed in 2 bdrm apartment, near Alewife, beginning June $600
03/31/17 1 room in 2B1B Apt near Brandeis 1000
03/19/17 One Nice Room Available in a Nice Single Family House $730 (include all utilitie $730
01/20/17 Female subletter needed: West Cambridge near Belmont Line, 2/1-8/31/17 $833/mo+util
01/11/17 1 large bedroom available on Prospect Street 700
08/15/16 looking for female student who sublet the room(8/17-30), $250 250
08/15/16 Finding one more roommate $725
07/10/16 Looking for sublet from 8/1-10 near brandeis university
07/05/16 Looking for a female roommate to share a 2br/1ba apt near Brandeis, Waltham $910
06/20/16 Looking for roommate to join 2 male grad students in somerville - July 1 move in $825 - $884
06/20/16 Looking for roommate to join two male MIT grad students in three bedroom Somervi $825 - $884
05/17/16 Seeking June-Aug room for 22-yr-old F
05/16/16 Room for rent $700 700
05/14/16 June-July:1BR in a spacious duplex near Brandeis 600 rent
05/13/16 2 Bed 1 Bath Townhouse Available June 1st 2063
05/06/16 Housing
05/01/16 1 large bedroom sublet in 4-bedroom apartment 500
05/01/16 Seeking Subletter For June-August For An Apartment on South Street $470 + util
04/29/16 Young pros seeking roommate for apt 5min walk from Brandeis starts 6/1 $610 + utili
04/23/16 One Nice Room Available in a Nice Single Family House $730 (include all utilitie
04/20/16 One Nice Room Avaialble 600
03/22/16 Room Wanted ASAP $750
03/15/16 Two Rooms on South Street Available for 12-Month Lease $575, $725

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Listing #28296

Listing #: 28296

Beds: 1

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Allston

Price: $1550

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Listing #19584

Listing #: 19584

Beds: 1

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Boston (Fenway)

Price: $1850

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Now we know who has the coolest house on the block

What about the last kid on the slide? Was he just there for moral support? What’s equally impressive is that legit waterslide. Back when we were kids we had that blue slide that you had to use a bucket to get the slide wet. That thing pours water out like the hoover dam!

KLM airlines is going to let you start picking your seatmate with facebook before your flight

telegraph-It is developing an internet service known as “meet and seat” which will give fliers access to to their fellow travellers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. The scheme will be launched next year and KLM admitted that many details still have to be worked out. Many airlines already charge passengers if they wish to pick their seats more than… Read the full article...

Momma gorilla doesn’t like humans

Remember when your mom would call you over from the slide and you were upset because you were playing with other people? Well, she called you over because she didn’t like who you were playing with! Guess we haven’t evolved much from the gorillas after all…..

this baby knows what's up

I'm going to start doing the same thing

Today I Found Out

Blake M. asks: Does the queen of England have any real power anymore or is her position just ceremonial at this point? A short while ago we wrote about the fact Queen Elizabeth II needs neither a passport nor driving license thanks to a quirk of British law. But what other powers does the Queen of many titles have and [...]

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